Where was Outer Banks Really Filmed?


The Netflix series Outer Banks has become a huge hit since it premiered in 2020, captivating viewers with the treasure hunting adventures and romantic drama of the Pogues on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. However, many fans may not realize that much of the show was not actually filmed on the Outer Banks, but rather in and around the historic city of Charleston, South Carolina. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most iconic Charleston filming locations from Outer Banks and answer questions about where specific scenes from the show were really filmed.

Where were the Pogue scenes filmed around Charleston?

Many of the scenes featuring the Pogues hanging out at their homes and hangout spots were filmed in the Mount Pleasant and Shem Creek areas just outside of Charleston. The exterior shots of “Poguelandia”, the warehouse where the Pogues spend time, were filmed at a building on Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant. Shem Creek, known for its laidback atmosphere and seafood restaurants, also served as the backdrop for scenes of the Pogues fishing and spending time on the docks.

Where was the Redfield Camera Shop scene filmed? 

Eagle-eyed fans may have noticed that the Redfield Camera Shop, where John B’s father worked, looked strangely out of place for the Outer Banks. That’s because the shop scenes were actually filmed inside the Gaillard Center in downtown Charleston. The Gaillard Center is a performing arts center, so the production transformed one of its lobbies into the camera shop for filming.

Where were the scenes on Kildare Island filmed?

Many scenes depicting Kildare Island, the private island that John B and Sarah find clues about the treasure on, were shot on Hunting Island and the surrounding marshlands. Hunting Island is a barrier island located south of Charleston along the South Carolina coast. Specific locations included the Hunting Island Lighthouse and beaches. Some shots of Kildare Harbor were also filmed in the marshlands near Shem Creek.

Where was the scene of John B falling filmed?  

In one of the most dramatic scenes from Season 1, John B falls from a cliff after being chased by the Kooks. This iconic cliffside scene was actually filmed on location at the Morris Island Lighthouse, situated among the windswept dunes of Morris Island just outside of Charleston Harbor. The lighthouse, built in 1876, offers panoramic coastal views of the city.

Were any scenes filmed in Barbados?

Yes, the production did travel internationally to film some scenes portrayed as taking place in Barbados. Scenes showing John B and Sarah’s wedding and time on the island were shot on location in Barbados, including at St. Nicholas Abbey and on the coast facing the capital city Bridgetown. The turquoise waters and palm trees helped sell the Caribbean island vibe.

Where was the Royal Merchant shipwreck filmed?  

The shipwreck of the Royal Merchant, which plays a central role in the treasure hunt storyline, was filmed on location at the actual wreck site of the Richard & Charlene off the coast of Kiawah Island, just south of Charleston. Kiawah Island is a luxury golf and beach resort community.

Were any scenes filmed downtown in historic Charleston?

While most of the filming took place in the surrounding areas, the production did shoot some scenes within historic downtown Charleston. Locations included the Charleston City Market, Battery, Waterfront Park, and the Charleston Museum – standing in for scenes set at the fictional “Island Museum”.

To summarize some of the most frequently used Charleston filming locations for Outer Banks:

– Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant 
– Hunting Island State Park
– Kiawah Island
– Morris Island 
– Downtown Charleston
– Gaillard Center
– Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant

The Charleston area perfectly replicated the coastal small-town vibe of the Outer Banks while providing iconic Southern charm. With Season 3 of Outer Banks in production now, fans will have to keep an eye out for more familiar Charleston backdrops!

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Will Season 3 film in Charleston again? 

It’s very likely Season 3 will continue filming extensively in the Charleston area as the production has found so much success capturing the Outer Banks atmosphere there. Rumors suggest scenes may film at new Charleston locations like the Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina and the beaches of Isle of Palms or Sullivan’s Island. With the Pogues’ treasure hunting adventures sure to take them to new locations, fans will have to wait and see what areas of coastal South Carolina end up standing in for the Outer Banks.

Any other filming tidbits worth knowing?

A few other fun filming facts – some interiors like John B’s house were filmed at a private home in North Charleston. The scene where John B pushes John B off the side of a boat was filmed at Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum in Mount Pleasant. And the wedding of John B and Sarah Cameron in Season 2 was filmed at Lowndes Grove Plantation just outside of Charleston.

To summarize:

– Outer Banks was primarily filmed around Charleston, SC not the actual Outer Banks 
– Iconic Charleston locations like Shem Creek, Hunting Island, downtown stood in for the fictional OBX
– International locations like Barbados were also used for some scenes
– Season 3 will likely continue filming extensively in the Charleston area
– Keep an eye out for familiar Charleston backdrops if you re-watch!

The Charleston filming locations have been integral to bringing the world of Outer Banks to life on screen. From beaches to lighthouses to downtown charm, this coastal city was the perfect stand-in for the Banks.

Q: Where was Outer Banks really filmed?

A: The Netflix hit series “Outer Banks” was actually filmed in various locations in Charleston, South Carolina.

Q: What are some of the specific filming locations in Charleston for Outer Banks?

A: Some of the filming locations in Charleston include Mount Pleasant, Shem Creek, Pitt Street, Kiawah Island, Gaillard Center, Morris Island, Lowndes Grove, Wreck of the Richard, Hunting Island, Bathsheba Beach, Palmetto Islands County Park, and Edmondston-Alston House.

Q: Were any scenes filmed on Kiawah Island?

A: Yes, the series included filming at Kiawah Island Golf Resort and various other locations on Kiawah Island.

Q: Which specific landmarks were utilized for filming in Charleston?

A: The filming of “Outer Banks” in Charleston included the use of Morris Island Lighthouse, Wreck of the Richard, and the historic district of the city.

Q: Did the series feature any filming in other coastal areas?

A: Yes, some scenes were also filmed in Hunting Island, a coastal area in South Carolina, which includes the iconic Hunting Island Lighthouse.

Q: Were there any new locations in the recent season of Outer Banks?

A: Yes, the new season of the series featured new locations such as the Palmetto Islands County Park and additional spots around Charleston.

Q: Did the series include any specific landmarks or properties on the coast?

A: Yes, filming took place at the iconic Edmondston-Alston House and other coastal properties in Charleston, adding to the charm of the series’ setting.

Q: Which actors from the series were involved in the Charleston filming locations?

A: Various cast members, including Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Austin North, and others, were part of the Charleston filming locations for the show.

Q: Were any specific activities or events scenes filmed in Charleston?

A: Yes, the scenes at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Island Club, and the banks of Shem Creek captured various activities and events in the series.

Q: Is it true that the show “Outer Banks” was exclusively filmed in Charleston?

A: While the majority of the series was filmed in Charleston and the surrounding areas, some scenes from the first season were also shot on the coast of North Carolina for authenticity.