Best Spanish Tv Shows To Learn Spanish


For many people looking to learn Spanish, finding engaging TV shows and movies is one of the best ways to improve their language skills. In this blog post, we’ll explore some top Spanish television options to stream that are perfect for language learning from beginner to advanced levels.

 Watching TV Is a Great Way to Learn 

One of the best ways to acquire Spanish is through exposure to the language, and what better way than watching TV shows? Seeing how native speakers construct sentences and converse at a natural speed helps you internalize grammar patterns and pick up on regional vocabulary and accents. With Spanish subtitles so you can read along, you’ll rapidly expand your vocabulary without even realizing it.

 Learning Spanish on Netflix

Netflix has an excellent variety of Spanish shows that are perfect for language learners. Many have both Spanish and English subtitle options so you can understand context. Whether you want comedies, dramas or documentaries, there’s something for every preference and level.

 Money Heist (Casa de Papel) 

This wildly popular Spanish heist drama has captivated audiences worldwide. The fast-paced plot keeps you engaged while exposing you to street-smart linguistic tricks that are common in European Spanish. With English subtitles, you can immerse yourself in the raw dialogue and stay hooked on the thrilling unfolding story.


Set at an exclusive high school in Spain, this teen drama covers relevant issues like relationships, sexuality and class conflicts through the eyes of diverse, flawed characters you can’t help but root for. The natural-sounding dialogue and regional slang make it a rich resource for picking up contemporary Spanish vocabulary and phrases.

 Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable)  

Spanning the 1920s-30s, this critically-acclaimed period drama follows four women working at Spain’s first telephone company through personal lives, romances and societal changes. You’ll learn about Spanish history while picking up on formal and flapper-era speech patterns in the nuanced conversations. 

The Ministry of Time (El Ministerio del Tiempo)

Part science fiction, part history lesson, this offbeat time-travel series transports you through different eras of Spanish history from the Spanish Inquisition to the Spanish Civil War. It makes learning about important historical facts and their linguistic influence on modern-day Spanish an adventurous ride.

 Grand Hotel 

Set in luxurious 1930s Andalusia, this dramatic mystery follows the intrigues among the elite clientele and staff of a famous resort. Inspired by the novel, you’ll absorb the vocabulary, accents and social mannerisms characteristic of upper-class Spain through its intricate plotlines and relationships.

In summary, these are just a handful of top Spanish shows that are not only highly entertaining to watch but also packed with opportunities to pick up vocabulary, idioms and the sounds of different dialects through authentic, immersed exposure to the language. Pop some popcorn and start streaming!

Here are a few more great Spanish shows to help you learn:

Vis a Vis (Locked Up) 

This gritty prison drama delves into criminal slang, insults and the lingo of incarcerated women. While intense at times, it’s engaging for intermediate learners thanks to the informal dialogue full of new words and regionalisms. 

 Velvet Collection 

Set amongst high fashion elites in 1950s-90s Madrid, this glamorous series features passionate discussions about art, politics and social change with elegant vocabulary fit for any era. It’s perfect for history and culture buffs.

 Lakorn: Your Thai Drama Series

Immerse in Asian language through these Thai dramas subtitled in Spanish. Complex yet emotive storylines help learners strengthen abilities to comprehend different accents and cultural nuances through subtitles. 

 Pan y Circo (Bread and Circus) 

Enjoy watching popular chef Alejandro Ruiz travel Spain for this food documentary series. Learn regional specialties, cultures and diverse Spanish dialects through conversations on local history, ingredients and recipes.

Lo Nuévo de Cuisine Latina  

Soak in Latin American flavors on this Spanish cooking show. Pick up vocabulary around ingredients, techniques and famous dishes. Discover unique aspects of Mexican, Argentine and Colombian cuisines through interviews with chefs.

There’s definitely no shortage of stimulating Spanish content online. Enjoy expanding your skills through shows exploring diverse topics across various genres and Spanish-speaking regions.

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Here are some additional tips for learning Spanish through television shows:

– Start with Spanish captions/subtitles and gradually reduce them as you improve. Having both sound and text aids comprehension.

– Look up any unfamiliar words you encounter. Repetition is key for memorization. Make word lists organized by show topic.

– Watch with a language learning app to test your knowledge of phrases, get translations on screen, and record your pronunciation. 

– Follow along with transcripts to practice spelling. You can find scripts of many popular shows online.

– Discuss shows with friends also learning Spanish. Explaining plot points reinforces your understanding.

– Try shadowing characters by repeating their lines aloud. This builds familiarity with accents and sentence structures. 

– Diversify the genres and locations you watch from to pick up diverse vocabulary and cultural references. 

– Don’t get frustrated if you don’t grasp everything initially. Repetition over time is effective for comprehension and fluency.

– Consider foreign language audio description for a unique learning experience catering to various learning styles. 

– Try immersing through Spanish audio only to challenge yourself without depending on translations. 

– Consult language tutors online to ask show-specific questions, clarify cultural nuances, and get feedback on your progress.

With dedication to comprehension techniques and variety in your choices, television is a highly engaging way to improve all aspects of Spanish ability and knowledge over time. ¡Buena suerte!

Q: What are some of the best Spanish TV shows to learn Spanish?

A: Some of the best Spanish TV shows to learn Spanish include “La Casa de Papel” (Money Heist), “Elite,” and “Gran Hotel.”

Q: How can watching Spanish TV shows help in learning the language?

A: Watching Spanish TV shows can help in learning the language by immersing you in the language, exposing you to different accents, colloquial speech, and cultural nuances.

Q: What are the benefits of using TV shows to learn Spanish?

A: Using TV shows to learn Spanish can help improve language comprehension, vocabulary, listening skills, and understanding of grammar in a more enjoyable and engaging way.

A: Yes, genres like drama, crime, and romance are recommended for learning Spanish as they often feature conversational dialogue and natural language usage.

Q: How can I improve my Spanish language skills through Spanish TV shows?

A: You can improve your Spanish language skills through TV shows by actively listening, repeating phrases, using subtitles, and discussing the content with others.

Q: Are there any Spanish TV shows with subtitles for language learners?

A: Many Spanish TV shows available on streaming platforms like Netflix provide the option of subtitles in various languages, including English, making it easier for language learners to follow along.

Q: What are some tips for selecting the best Spanish TV shows for language learning?

A: Look for shows with clear pronunciation, relatively slower dialogue, engaging plotlines, and cultural references to make the learning process more enriching.

Q: Can watching reality TV shows in Spanish be beneficial for language learning?

A: Yes, reality TV shows in Spanish can be beneficial for language learning as they often feature spontaneous conversations, colloquial language, and cultural insights.

Q: How can Spanish TV shows help Spanish learners in improving their listening skills?

A: Spanish TV shows can help Spanish learners improve their listening skills by exposing them to different accents, speech patterns, and natural conversational tones.

Q: Are there any Spanish TV shows specifically designed to help viewers improve their Spanish language skills?

A: Some Spanish TV shows, such as “Extr@,” are specifically designed for language learners, featuring simplified language, subtitles, and language learning tips within the show.