Best Christian Shows On Netflix


Whether you’re looking for inspiration, hoping to learn more about faith and spirituality, or wanting wholesome entertainment for family movie night, Netflix has a great selection of Christian and faith-based films and television shows available to stream. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most highly-rated and inspiring options for faith on the streaming platform.

Resurrection (2021) 

This faith-based drama miniseries tells the story of Jesus Christ through his crucifixion and resurrection. With an ensemble cast including Diogo Morgado as Jesus, Resurrection brings the biblical story to life in a way that’s thought-provoking yet grounded in faith. The 5-episode series is a must-watch for any Christian looking to deepen their understanding of Christ’s sacrifice and the beginning of Christianity.

 Week Away (2022)

If you’re searching for wholesome entertainment, Week Away is the perfect faith-based sitcom. In this family comedy, a reluctant teenage delinquent is sent to a Christian summer camp as an alternative to juvenile detention. There, he finds faith and purpose among new friends. With lessons of redemption and second chances, this show uplifts viewers with its heartfelt but lighthearted take on spirituality.

 2 Hearts (2020) 

Based on a true story, this romantic drama follows the forbidden interracial love between a South African white woman and black man in the final years of apartheid. Facing tremendous adversity, the couple finds strength in their faith and commitment to justice. 2 Hearts powerfully shows how faith can sustain people through hard times by reminding viewers of God’s grace and humanity’s strength through unity.

 Father Stu (2022)

In this faith-based biopic starring Mark Wahlberg, a troubled former boxer answers God’s call by becoming a priest after an accident nearly takes his life. Inspired by the true story of Father Stuart Long, the film shares an uplifting message about finding purpose through faith even in unexpected life paths. With a mix of humor, heartbreak and redemption, Father Stu captures the journey from atheism to faith.

 Blue Miracle (2021)  

This family-friendly film tells the inspiring true story of a washed-up boat captain who trains a group of young boys from a Mexican orphanage in hopes of winning a fishing competition and saving their home. With teamwork and faith in God anything is possible. Starring Jimmy Gonzales and Dennis Quaid, Blue Miracle reminds viewers that faith can empower people to work miracles when they band together for a greater good.

 Forgery (2021)

In this crime drama loosely inspired by a true story, an art expert finds himself the prime suspect in an elaborate forgery investigation that threatens to destroy his reputation and life. As he works to clear his name, he must decide if he will succumb to temptation or embrace his newfound faith in God. A thriller that also explores triumph over adversity through belief.

 Good Sam (2022) 

Starring former ER star Julie Benz and newcomer Justin Cornwell, this faith-based romance centers around a young man pretends to be a Christian to impress a woman, but ends up getting far more involved in the church community than he anticipated. His “fake it ’til you make it” mentality takes an unexpected turn as he experiences the true power of faith and love. A feel-good, heartwarming story perfect for date night.

Little Boy (2020)

This biopic depicts the life of Pepper Busbee, a 7-year-old boy from rural Idaho who is imprisoned in WWII after refusing to salute the American flag in school. Separated from his father, the young boy matures while finding inspiration, hope and humanity through faith behind bars. An emotional period drama reminding viewers that even in darkness, spirituality provides light.

In summary, for inspiring streaming options that celebrate faith, spirituality, redemption and uplifting true stories, Netflix has a great selection of Christian movies and shows worth adding to your watch list. From dramas to documentaries, there are diverse programs to resonate with anyone seeking entertainment with spiritual depth.

Here are a few more Christian and faith-based movies and shows worth checking out on Netflix:

 Mary Magdalene (2018)

This Biblical drama explores the life of one of Jesus’s most celebrated disciples, Mary Magdalene, and her unique perspective on his teachings. Starring Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix, it’s a visual feast that brings new layers of understanding to Jesus’s ministry and life. 

Journey to Grace (2021) 

A dramatic retelling of megachurch pastor Brenda Denzler’s life story, this faith-based film shows the determination and struggles she faced to find success in ministry as a woman. It powerfully portrays how following God’s call can overcome obstacles.

Rodeo (2021)

A heartwarming family film about a young boy from a broken home who finds purpose and confidence in rodeo. With help from a volunteer coach, he discovers strength through faith and power in believing in yourself. Inspiring for any kid facing challenges. 

Faith Based (2020)

A mockumentary-style comedy that pokes fun at organized religion while shining light on humanity’s search for meaning. Though irreverent, it starts thoughtful discussions about spirituality, faith practices, and what truly uplifts communities. 

The Christ Slayer (2019)

This historical action drama brings Biblical events to life through the eyes of a non-believing Roman soldier. By getting inside the mind of an outsider, it offers fresh perspective on Jesus’s ministry and the purpose behind his crucifixion.

 The Bible Series (2013)

Spanning Genesis to Revelation, this epic miniseries retells Biblical stories in a visually stunning way. Perfect for both believers looking to deepen understanding and newcomers wanting to learn about Christianity’s foundational text.

There’s a wealth of thought-provoking and uplifting faith-centered content to stream on Netflix. From intimate portraits to sweeping biblical tales, there’s something for every spiritual journey.

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Q: What are the Best Christian Shows On Netflix?

A: Some of the best Christian shows on Netflix include “The Chosen,” “A.D. Kingdom and Empire,” “The Bible,” “The Healing Powers of Dude,” “The American Bible Challenge,” and “VeggieTales in the House.”

Q: Are there any inspiring Christian movies to watch on Netflix?

A: Yes, Netflix offers a variety of inspiring Christian movies such as “I’m Not Ashamed,” “Breakthrough,” “The Case for Christ,” “Roma Downey’s Bible series,” and “Joseph: King of Dreams.”

Q: Can you provide a list of the best Christian shows to watch on Netflix?

A: Sure, some of the best Christian shows to watch on Netflix include “The Chosen,” “A.D. Kingdom and Empire,” “The Healing Powers of Dude,” “The Bible,” “The American Bible Challenge,” and “VeggieTales in the House.”

Q: Are there any Christian series available on Netflix?

A: Yes, Netflix offers a variety of Christian series such as “The Chosen,” “A.D. Kingdom and Empire,” “The Healing Powers of Dude,” and “The Bible.”

A: Yes, Netflix has several documentary series related to Christian themes, such as “Roma Downey’s Bible series.”

Q: Are there any feel-good Christian movies on Netflix with a positive message?

A: Yes, you can find feel-good Christian movies with a positive message on Netflix, such as “I’m Not Ashamed,” “Breakthrough,” and “The Case for Christ.”

Q: Is there a Christian movie on Netflix based on a true story?

A: Yes, Netflix offers Christian movies based on true stories, such as “I’m Not Ashamed,” “Breakthrough,” and “The Case for Christ.”

Q: Can you recommend a feel-good Christian movie suitable for a movie night?

A: Definitely! Consider watching “I’m Not Ashamed,” “Breakthrough,” “The Case for Christ,” or “Joseph: King of Dreams.”

Q: Are there any TV-14 rated Christian shows or movies on Netflix?

A: Yes, there are TV-14 rated Christian shows and movies available on Netflix, such as “The Chosen” and “A.D. Kingdom and Empire.”

Q: Are there any South African cricket-themed Christian movies available on Netflix?

A: Yes, Netflix offers the movie “More than Friends,” a South African cricket-themed film with Christian themes.